To create Bluestem Gin, we took our time to make sure the end result was perfect. We explored a combination of botanicals taking the gin to a wide range of profiles and further the layers of flavors. We experimented with violet and honeysuckle for floral notes, various fruits like honeydew melon and chirimoya, and some varieties of citrus and spices.
While no official terms have been designated, the words ‘contemporary,’ ‘Western’ or ‘New World’ best describe the style we are aiming for. We didn't want to recreate a London Dry, but rather a unique and original recipe that is recognizable as gin but has its own identity and profile.  Starting with our impurity-free Bluestem Vodka, a base of traditional flavors, such as juniper, pepper, cardamom and coriander are added in. Violet, the state flower of Illinois, is also incorporated into the recipe.
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